Action for Education with Room to Read - FIRST STEP

Great things happen when we activate our personal networks. At Room to Read, it's in our DNA – our mission began when a few people saw a great need and reached out to everyone they knew for help. All around the globe, we've seen Room to Read's network grow. From the extensive Chapters network hosting fundraising events to students, families and individuals generously donating their birthdays and anniversaries. Ours truly is a global network made up of passionate people from all walks of life. If you've been inspired by our stories of transformation, or are looking to get involved, please join that network on November 10th and get active for education!

Room to Read is going to launch"Action for Education" campaign that encourage all of you to get active to support children's literacy & girls' education in Asia and Africa. Our goal is to raise funds enough to implement our Literacy Programs in three schools in South Africa, India and Cambodia throughout the campaign.

Action for Education campaign : November 10th to December 25th - *the campaign site will be ready late October.

To kick off the campaign, we invite you to join us on November 10th. Erin Ganju, Co-Founder and CEO of Room to Read who will be in Tokyo following a visit to our programs in India and is also looking forward to meeting you!
Action for Education with Room to Read - FIRST STEP

Friday November 10th
7PM - 9PM

With Keynote address by
Co-Founder and CEO at Room to Read

JPY4,500 per person online
includes one drink and buffet
*Door price will be 5,000JPY per person.

For every drink you buy, Ark Hills Café will donate 100 yen on your behalf to Room to Read, that’s enough money to fund one high-quality local language book in places where they are most needed.

感動はいつも人との出会いの中にあります。ルーム・トゥ・リードのミッションも、ネパールでの出会いが本を届けるという決意を生み、友人達にサポートを求めたところから始まりました。出会いによって、行動が促されて、変化が生まれていく - 11月10日から、また新たな出会いとアクションの連鎖がスタートします。ぜひご参加ください!

2017年の年末キャンペーンは、「Action for Education(アクションフォーエデュケーション)」を合言葉に、ひとりひとりが、自分ができる行動を起こして、みんなで、南アフリカ、インド、カンボジアの小学校3校の子ども達により良い読み書き教育を届けたいと考えています!


Action for Educationキャンペーンのキックオフイベントを、11月10日の夜に開催いたします! 共同創設者兼CEOのエリン・ガンジュも、4年ぶりに来日し、お話をさせていただきます。ぜひご参加ください!

Action for Education with Room to Read - FIRST STEP
アクション フォー エデュケーション with Room to Read - FIRST STEP


by エリン・ガンジュ(ルーム・トゥ・リード共同創設者兼CEO)

事前お申込み: おひとり4,500円(1ドリンク、ビュッフェ形式のお食事) *当日券は、おひとりさま5,000円となります。


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Fri Nov 10, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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Ark Hills Cafe/アークヒルズカフェ
General Ticket - チケット(1名様) SOLD OUT ¥4,500
Early Bird Ticket (up to 30) - 早期特典チケット(30名様まで) SOLD OUT ¥4,000
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東京都港区六本木1-3-40東京都港区六本木1-3-40 アークヒルズ カラヤン広場 スペイン坂入口 Japan
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